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10 Facts about chocolate

mmm… 😀

1st chocolate has less caffeine than tea, coffee or cola. One chocolate bar contains about 6 milligrams of caffeine (100 gr), but one cup of coffee contains 40 milligrams of caffeine

2nd Chocolate was knewn as an good health keeper already long time ago in ancient India

3rd Chocolate contains antioxidants that may help prevent cancer or heart disease

4th Favorite flavor is Chocolate in the USA

5th One natural chocolate plaque can hold about a year and it will still be ateable

6th 1842nd in England, was created the first chocolate bar.

7th Swiss people eat the most chocolate. About 19 bars per person

8th Chocolate contains theobromine, a relative of caffeine and magnesium. This chemical has been calming

9th It is widely believed that eating chocolate in the body is released the same chemicals that kissing with someone

10th Chocolate manufacturers use 20% of the world’s peanuts, and 40% of all the world’s almonds are sold.


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