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Embarrassing Stories; part 1.

PS: if YOU have some embarrassing stories to tell us, feel free to send me them! pantera114@inbox.lv 🙂

Have an embarrassing day! 😀

Woman with shopping basket went to purchase all the things she had chosen. When almost all were already scanned, the vendor discovered that one of the purchase has no price sticker. Imagine, what a shame she was when the vendor turned on the loudspeaker and the whole shop listening, speaking “Price check thirteenth column TAMPAX Super big.” It’s already been bad, but, of course, a shop at the other end heard wrong and the word “Tampax” mixed with “Thumbtacks” (drawing pins). a serious voice, a voice from the back of the store said the vendor ” Are any of which are printed inside with your thumb, or scores the inside with a hammer?

The two Sisters walked through the supermarket, and noticed a shop that sold different types of nuts – peanuts, walnuts, etc.. Her so long studied the various products that present the seller came and asked whether they need any assistance. One of the sisters replied:” No. I’m just looking at your nuts. “A second sister began vile laugh. The guy just smiled when the woman turned away, becoming red as a beet.

Once a mother was taking  a shower when suddenly in the bathroom came her 2-year-olded son and wapped himself throughout the toilet paper. Although he messed all the room up, he still looked so lovely, that she ran after camera and took a couple of videos with him.  They succeeded so well that she made lots of copies and pictures  and added them to the Christmas cards that were sent to all friends and relatives. A few days later, her cousin was calling on the phone, hysterically laughing she recommended her to take a closer look at that photo she sent. Mother was very confused, and looking that the photo, saw that she was so very happy about that moment and with her son’s wonderful appearance that she took herself on the tape, on the mirror image in which she was wearing only a camera.


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